Amiri Baraka on his poetry and breaking the rules

. . . It’s the most subtle form of censorship not to publish it . . .

. . . I think it means that those of us who consider ourselves artists, intellectuals and activists have to create an alternative superstructure, an alternative network of institutions to carry the philosophy which is an alternative to the kind of imperialist philosophy which is, day by day, snatching all publishers out of the U.S. . . .

“…My hope is that the great poets that have existed in America will find their voice in a collective way and that we will be able to rescue all of the lost and the obscure, the willfully hidden poets in Poetry….the powers that be hide that literature which speaks against their rule, and they have done that since the beginning of time, and they will do that as long as they can, they will do that until, finally, we are in charge, the people are in charge of what needs to be published…”

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