Joe Biden’s Kierkegaard Quote

Something about Joe Biden’s mention of Kierkegaard and the discussion of faith and darkness reminds me of my undergraduate days, and of FAMU President Fred Humphries reciting the Rattler Strike poem at football game halftimes:

“When the dark clouds gather on the horizon
and thunder and lightning pierce the sky:
when faith is but a glint in the eyes of
the fallen Rattler, and hope, a lost friend –

When the sinews in the chest grow weary,
And the muscles in the legs grow tired,
From those hard charging linebackers –
You must always remember: the Rattler
will strike, and strike, and strike again.”

Personal Responsibility

Agile promotes a culture of personal responsibility that breeds trust.


Last week I was able to attend Agile Africa 2015. The most inspiring talk, amongst the many great talks and conversations, was Kent Beck’s closing keynote. He talked about the engineering culture at Facebook and its key overriding value of taking personal responsibility.

At Facebook as Kent Beck described it
The task you pick up is your responsibility to get right. All parts of it. Even when it is the first task you do when joining. There is no one else other than the developer who is responsible for the decisions required to get it done. If you deploy a bug, someone else may see it and will fix it. And they will give you feedback. Everyone is responsible.

When joining Facebook, developers join Facebook Engineering. Developers are not hired into a specific team at Facebook. In the first weeks the new hire chooses which team they will join. They are…

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