Journey to the 20th Century

I am repurposing this blog.

Henceforward, I’ll be keeping notes here as I prepare for my August Wilson Century Series study group which begins in March, 2018.

As the study group leader, I don’t plan to do long boring lectures. Besides, what do I know?  I anticipate something more akin to a long and winding conversation. So the goal will be to keep the conversation going. What do I know about conversations? Well, I have been having them with all kinds of people for a long time. Even did a paper once on conversation theory and posted it to a blog here.  Turns out it was a short paper, but at least I have something to start with.

And I have three ideas from the MOOC world I hope to apply. From ModPo, I want to utilize the idea of the collaborative close read. A play is not poetry, but then again, perhaps it is. Our particular writer certainly considered himself a poet BEFORE he turned to drama. I have come across some extremely poetic passages in plays. Now, most studies of close reading paired with conversation theory apply to education of children, but that’s ok, we are going to try it with adults.

The next two ideas come from a MOOC course I took, Rhizo15. They are (1) learning subjectives (versus “objectives”) and, related, (2) the idea of the community as the curriculum. The learning objective of the course is simple: to plow through ten plays in ten weeks, reading and discussing each. But the learning subjectives may and will vary from person to person. One person may be planning to write a play and is looking for some ideas and inspiration. Someone else may be lonely and looking for company.  If we spend a bit of time discussing what each person wants out of the course, I think we will come up with a much better list than what I could come up with by myself. Similarly, each person brings his/her background/expertise/talents/networks to the study group community. I think it will be fascinating to see what those resources are and how they overlap and intersect.

OK. Here is a link to the Goggle Group where we will all deposit some of our thoughts each week.